About Drip the Series

Drip the Series, created by Erika Lebby and Ari Kraiman, is a sex positive, female led, lgbtq+, gore-ish dark comedy about two witches who aren't very good, in a world where goodness isn't rewarded. It's a nod to how messy power can be, and what power costs. 

This project is valuable to us for many reasons. Here are a few:

It's a female/femme led project. We want to build a creative space

where women have the dominant voice. Women are statistically less

likely to have leadership roles in film, especially behind the camera.

We want to change that. 

It's sex positive. Because sex isn't just a straight thing, or a monogamous thing, or a dangerous thing. No two relationships are ever the same and we wanted to give voice to some of the few that exist in the world. Also, societally as women, there's enough shame and dishonesty around sex. We want to do away with some of that. We will also be hiring an intimacy coordinator, because intimacy in entertainment should never be improvised. Check out https://www.teamidi.org/ for more info.

It features LGBTQ+ characters. And their sexual identity isn't the focus of the story, because actually gay people can exist without it defining them. And that's a fact we are passionate about embodying.

It's about modern day witches. Because we can't all be the Charmed sisters, or Willow Rosenberg. But witches are really cool so why not?

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In Development