Meet the Team

Ari Kraiman

Creator/ Writer/ Actor

Ari Kraiman is a Philadelphia born Chicago transplant, by way of a theatre degree from the University of Pittsburgh. She is an actor, a combatant, and now a writer and producer as well. Past productions include Dead Man Walking at the Lyric Opera, The Lady Demands Satisfaction with Babes with Blades, and She Kills Monsters with Cuckoo's Theatre Project. Ari's favorite weapon is her bare hands, and when she isn't fighting on stage/screen you will find her struggling to knit a sweater, baking, or watching something by Joss Whedon. For more go to

Erika Lebby

Creator/ Actor

Erika Lebby is the co-creator, co-producer, and co-star of Drip. Originally from Las Vegas, she moved to Chicago after graduating from Willamette University. Recent credits include: Birch House Immersive, Barrens Theatre Co, (re) discover, and Shakespeare All-Stars. When she isn't on stage or on screen, she can be found cooking fancy vegan food or cuddling with her cat Silvia. For more information on Erika, go to:

Angie Forshee

Assistant Director/Producer

Angela Forshee is ecstatic to be a part of the creative team for DRIP. She is a Chicago-based director and has primarily worked in theatre, most recently for New Colony, Interrobang Theatre Project, and Promethean Theatre Ensemble. Angela has a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Production from Ball State University, and could have gotten a BA if she just took the foreign language credit like her mother told her. 

Jackie Bowes

Music Director

Jackie Bowes [she/her & they/them] is a director, musician, and actor. Jackie has directed for Rhinofest, the Whiskey Radio hour, assisted Nick Bowling (The Marriott Theatre), and assisted Connor Wilson (Commission Theatre). As an actor, Jackie is represented by Lily’s Talent. She's also a founder and producer at The Litterbox, a music and events space @litterboxchicago. More fun facts at




Chicago, IL

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